As an Asset Manager we believe that it is important to have good bindings in the local community. We have a clear focus on performance and returns but we also take our social responsibilities serious. With the company we try to make a contribution to the solutions for greener, safer and affordable neighborhoods. This means we are able to own, develop and manage all sorts of real estate ranging from housing to shopping malls to utility buildings. In our mission statement we pledge ourselves to create value for all our customers. We take up the challenge to manage excellent social housing for the lower income groups.

We focus on the Dutch Resi Market, as we know this market by hart, we build and execute business cases with excellent returns. Because we have a clear focus on returns, we provide superior market data, in-depth analysis, cost efficient management, and above benchmark performance to our clients.

When you are looking for partnership in real estate, for Asset Management, or a buyer for existing real estate you will find in us a financially healthy, professional and focused company.

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